CITY OF FARMINGTON   Farmington, AR   Full-time     Emergency Med Tech / Paramedics
Posted on October 2, 2021
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The City of Farmington and the Farmington Fire Department is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.
In the recruitment and selection process, equal employment opportunity is guaranteed to all persons
without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, mental or physical handicap,
labor affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other factors not related to merit and fitness for the posi-
All applicants for the position of Probationary Firefighter must meet the following criteria:
•Be a citizen of the United States of America.
•Be 18 years of age at the time of application.
•Be free of a felony record. A felony record shall mean having entered a plea of guilty, or otherwise
having been convicted of an offense, the punishment for which could have been imprisonment in a
federal or state penitentiary. The fact that an individual has received a pardon, or their record has
been expunged shall not release the individual from having a felony record for the purpose of this
•Be free from conviction of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or sexual activity.
•Be of good character as determined by a thorough background investigation.
•Be a high school graduate or have passed the General Education Development (GED) Test indicat-
ing high school graduation level.
•Be examined by a licensed physician and meet physical requirements.
•Be interviewed personally, prior to employment, by the Fire Chief and/or his representatives, to
determine such things as the applicant's motivation, appearance, demeanor, attitude and ability to
•Possess a valid driver's license.
The hiring process is a five step process.
Step 1 - Fill out the online application
Applications will also be available at Farmington City Hall. 354 W. Main St. Applications and re-
sumes will be due Oct. 22nd. The Physical Agility Release form must be completed prior to testing
and brought with you the day of the exam. It is available for download on the City of Farmington
Step 2 - After your application has been completed, you will be scheduled to take a written exami-
nation. The next examination is set for 9:00 AM Oct.30th, at Farmington High School, 12327 N Hwy
170, Farmington, AR 72730. Examination room doors close at 9 AM sharp.
Step 3 - Upon successfully passing the written exam, you will be scheduled for a physical agility test
to determine your ability to perform firefighter functions. The Physical Agility Examination will be
held the day of the written exam, if a passing score is achieved on the written exam. Proof of cur-
rent passing CPAT Exam will be accepted in place of the physical agilitity exam. Facilities will be
provided to change clothes prior to the exam.
Step 4 - After successfully completing the physical agility test, you will be scheduled for an inter-
view with a panel of members from the FFD. The purpose of this oral interview will be to review your
application and background and assess such things as your reputation, character, motivation, ap-
pearance, demeanor, attitude, ability to communicate, and suitability for the rigors demanded of a
firefighter. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for Nov. 11th.
Step 5 -Upon completion of this interview, a ranked list to be forwarded to the Chief to use for hir-
ing purposes. Any remaining candidates not hired are encouraged to reapply during the next testing
All new hires must successfully obtain IFSAC FF 1 and 2 and NREMT during their first year as a con-
dition of employment.
The starting pay for a firefighter for the Farmington Fire Department will be $37,766.10 or
$39,654.41 if candidate has IFSTA FF1 and 2 and EMT.
Health benefits and LOPFI retirement are available.
FFD firefighters work a 48/96 schedule.