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CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE-HR   Fayetteville, AR   Full-time     Law Enforcement / Security
Posted on June 11, 2022
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The Civil Service Commission of the City of Fayetteville has scheduled a written examination for entry level positions in the Police Department on Saturday, July 9, 2022, at the Drake Field Airport Terminal located at 4500 S. School Avenue, Fayetteville, AR. The examination will begin at 8:00
A.M. Please visit this page https://www.fayetteville-ar.gov/200/Fayetteville-Police-Careers on the City’s website for additional information. If you are interested in testing, you must first apply online at https://www.fayetteville-ar.gov/1608/Current-Job-Openings. Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 P.M. CT June 30, 2022. To meet all application requirements, you must include electronic copies of the following required documents including Birth Certificate or proof of citizenship, GED or High School or College Diploma, Driver’s License and DD-214 for applicants with prior military experience.
EOE AA Vet/Disability


Essential Job Duties

Safety/Security Sensitive Designation:

This is a safety/security sensitive position for purposes of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment.

  1. Provide good customer service to both internal and external customers, maintain positive and effective working relationships with other City employees (especially members of their own team), and have regular and reliable attendance that is non-disruptive.
  2. Perform preventive patrol in assigned areas, both in vehicle and on foot.  Enforce state and federal laws and City ordinances. Operate motor vehicle while on patrol in a safe manner for extended periods of time in all environmental conditions and on occasion operate the vehicle at high speeds and in congested traffic situations.
  3. Continually observes for and responds to criminal activity, safety hazards, traffic violations, persons needing assistance, etc.  Conducts interviews and interrogations of victims, witnesses, suspects and offenders.  Identifies, collects, processes, packages and logs physical evidence.
  4. Makes arrests on criminal and traffic related offenses including DWI detection and apprehension. Use of radar equipment and proper operation. Defends self and others by engaging in actual physical combat if necessary and to subdue resistive arrestees.   Conducts searches of persons, places, vehicles, and things.
  5. Becomes familiar with patrol districts, geographical locations, known offenders, neighborhood routines, and potential problem areas.  Conducts security inspections and surveys buildings and businesses; handles complaints made by the public; conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations.
  6. Seeks and serves arrest warrants, search warrants and other court documents.   Assists various prosecutors and attorneys in preparation of cases for trial; assists judges during court sessions; testify clearly and truthfully in front of a judge and jury in court.
  7. Direct and control vehicular and pedestrian traffic by use of hand signals and the blowing of a whistle.  Traffic control for blocked traffic, parades, accidents, special events; provide crowd control, security and information during special events.
  8. Clean and fire a variety of police weapons, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns both in the field and to meet department standards of proficiency.
  9. Complete an inventory and operational check list on vehicle/equipment to ensure proper operations.
  10. If assigned to bike patrol, have working knowledge and skills to maintain bicycle.
  11. Type on mobile computer terminal in police vehicle as a means of gathering and exchanging information. Complete traffic/criminal citations issued to violators of city and state laws.  Investigate traffic accidents and report on the electronic system.
  12. View crime scenes and identify/preserve physical evidence of a crime.
  13. Write narrative reports as required in the performance of duty.
  14. Respond to and deal with domestic disputes and resolve issues in a way that minimizes harm to the disputing parties.  
  15. Deal with children of all ages in a variety of situations, such as delinquents, minors requiring authoritative intervention, neglected, abused, runaways, lost, found, victims of crimes, public relations, and instructional functions and informants.
  16. Provide interpersonal and business contacts and stand-by assistance in civil disputes.
  17. Directs civilian employees and the public at the scenes of crimes, accidents, disasters, assemblies, etc.
  18. Determines “probable cause” in making arrest of individuals; completes paperwork for those arrests.
  19. Determines when and under what circumstances to use less-lethal or deadly force.
  20. Search, arrest, and transport suspects.
  21. Administer first aid when needed and coordinate emergency personnel and resources in crisis situations.
  22. Act as public relations officer for the city and foster good relationships with businesses, schools, etc.
  23. Attends training as assigned; develops and maintains required skills and licenses/permits/certifications associated with the area of special investigation, expertise, etc.
  24. Police work includes regular and irregular shift work and shift rotations necessary to provide police services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year (weekends and holidays included).
  25. Perform other related duties as required or assigned.


  1. Perform desk duties, including telecommunications (telephone, computer terminal, and radio), assisting persons at the station, processing reports.
  2. Secondary duties as assigned.

 Essential Duties for those assigned to School Resource Officer:

  1. Provide a visible deterrence to crime while presenting a positive impression of a law enforcement officer within the school. 
  2. Prevent juvenile delinquency through educational practices that promote positive interactions and relationships between School Resource Officers, Counselors and Educators.
  3. Provide a safe and secure educational environment for students, faculty, and facilities. 
  4. Conduct initial and follow-up investigations of criminal activity in school.
  5. Function as a liaison between the Fayetteville Police Department and Fayetteville Public Schools.
  6. Serve as a liaison between students, their families, Social Services, and the Juvenile Justice System.
  7. Assist school administration in safety planning and executing emergency drills. 
  8. Act as a positive role model and mentor to students. 
  9. Provide educational opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and parents on law enforcement related matters.

Secondary duties and responsibilities include the following:

  1. Secondary duties as assigned.


Essential Duties for those assigned as a Forensic Computer Examiner:

  1. Investigate computer related crimes.
  2. Trace Internet Protocol addresses to determine origin.
  3. Prepare Prosecutor subpoenas for disclosure of electronic data stored on ISP servers related to criminal activity.
  4. Prepare HTML reports detailing the forensic examination, recovery, and analysis of electronic data recovered from computer hard drives or other computer related media.
  5. Prepare instructional presentations for educational lectures related to Computer Forensics, Fraud Investigations, Digital Evidence Collection and Handling, and Internet Safety for Children.
  6. Conduct scientific tests utilizing forensic computers and equipment for the purpose of determining proper functionality of software and report the results of the test(s) under the controlled conditions.
  7. Respond to crime scenes involving computer related crimes.
  8. Collect electronics and digital evidence using special collection and handling techniques which preserve the integrity of sensitive electronic equipment and fragile digital evidence.
  9. Prepare written reports documenting the collection of electronics and other digital evidence.
  10. Provide comprehensive testimony to District, State and Federal courts related to investigations involving high technology crimes.
  11. Prepare search warrants affidavits, search warrants and search warrants returns involving computer related investigations.
  12. Provide technical assistant to other law enforcement agencies related to computer crimes investigations and processing of digital evidence.
  13.  Provide maintenance for specialized hardware and software utilized in Forensic Computer Examinations.
  14. Conduct validations testing on forensic hardware and software involved in the forensic examination of digital evidence.
  15. Maintain Log-files of computer evidence.
  16. Provide instruction to Basic Law Enforcement Academy students, other police personnel as needed, on the collection and handling of electronic evidence and on conducting fraud and computer crime investigations.
  17. Perform other duties as assigned.

Secondary duties and responsibilities include the following:

  1. Secondary duties as assigned.

Essential Duties for those assigned as a Crisis Intervention Team Officer:

  1. Successful completion of 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team training. 
  2. Establish a liaison with community resources and community organizations. 
  3. Serve as the point of contact and coordinate activities related to this function.
  4. Conduct threat assessments to ensure the safety of Social Services Advocates. 
  5. Participate in crisis intervention training and give crisis awareness/program presentations as needed. 
  6. Build relationships with clients to establish trust and assess progression accurately.
  7. Complete internship applicant background investigations. 
  8. Perform other duties as assigned. 

Secondary duties and responsibilities include the following:

  1. Secondary duties as assigned.

Essential Duties for those assigned as a Narcotics Detective:

  1. Investigate and apprehend persons suspected of illegal sale or use of narcotics.
  2. Observe, document and photograph narcotic purchase transactions to obtain evidence and protect undercover detectives or confidential informants.
  3. Investigate methamphetamine lab sites.
  4. Control money, activities, and information used to purchase illegal drugs.
  5. Have a thorough working knowledge of state and federal search and seizure laws.
  6. Perform other duties as assigned.

Secondary duties and responsibilities include the following:

  1. Secondary duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. High school diploma or GED.  A transcript from an accredited institution documenting a minimum of twelve (12) hours of completed college coursework with at least a “C” average may substitute for a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  2. Be a Citizen of the United States or a nonimmigrant legally admitted to the United States under the Compact of Free Association (Marshall Islands); Not less than 21 years of age; Must not have a felony conviction before selection into this position.
  3. An applicant for Certified Police Officer must be a current Certified Law Enforcement Officer with ability to obtain Arkansas certification as established by the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) Rules.
  4. Valid Driver’s License.
  5. Successfully pass a comprehensive background investigation (criminal record, education, employment history, references, etc.).
  6. Ability to obtain Basic Police Officer Certificate (twelve weeks academy). Ability to obtain the ACIC (Arkansas Crime Information Center) and the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) certification. Must obtain various other certificates to handle specialized equipment to be used with this position.
  7. Ability to become proficient in using MVR, MCT, Vehicle, Datamaster, Radar, Weapons, Tazer, Stopstix, sound meter and camera. Ability to effectively operate a breath analyzer, computer, radio and other specialized law enforcement equipment.
  8.   Effectively communicate with others orally and in writing.  
  9. Must be proficient in the use of a computer and other related software programs. Must be able to effectively operate standard office equipment.
  10. While performing the functions of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear.  The employee regularly is required to stand, walk, run, and sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. The employee must regularly lift and/or move up to 20 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 100 pounds.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.
  11. The incumbent must be able to perform the following: physical and mental stamina to fire weapons; react and move rapidly from sedentary to active condition in response to environmental situations; assume a variety of bodily positions and postures necessary to employ “cover and concealment” during a deadly force encounter; respond to a physical attack and possess the ability to escape attacker, subdue attacker and/or summon aid. Must be able to react quickly and efficiently in all emergencies, natural or man-caused disasters.
  12. The work of a commissioned police officer involves an element of personal danger. Police officers must be able to exercise sound, independent judgment under stress. Assignments may include work on special tasks which call upon specialized abilities and knowledge possessed by the officer. Work assignments can be general or specific and special instructions are received from a supervisor who reviews work methods and results through reports, personal inspection and discussion.